... a gifted creator of music. Beautiful, captivating.

CD Review “The Harpsichord in the New Millennium”, Fanfare, July/August issue 2010

“Composer Asako Hirabayashi is also a concert harpsichordist, so it’s only natural that she would want to write for her chosen instrument. Hirabayashi makes her recorded debut with an entire mini-repertoire: twenty-four tracks of passionate, sparkling, lyrical, even poignant music to help secure the harpsichord’s presence in the new millennium. … Asako Hirabayashi aims to please with her music and it pleases me to say that she’s succeeded in this diverse, entertaining, stimulating collection that most music lovers, not just harpsichordists, should enjoy”. Review of New York debut recital (Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall), The Music Connoisseur, Volume 4, Number 2, 1996: “With poise, grace and a delicate touch, this ex-pianist made her New York debut recital as harpsichordist. ... she was on top of both her technique and her audience.” She “obviously knows her standard repertory well and proved this ... she was convincingly articulate in the modern works” including “Lewis’ ultimately demanding and thorny three-movement work. Ms. Hirabayashi’s musical talents are impressive.”


CD Review “The Harpsichord in the New Millennium” Diapason 2010

“The resulting compact disc, The Harpsichord in the New Millennium, is a highly recommended addition to the collection of new music for and with harpsichord. Hirabayashi, a superb player, is also a gifted creator of music. Beautiful, captivating.”


CD Review “The Harpsichord in the New Millennium” American Record Guild 2010

“Hirabayashi’s works for harpsichord, violin, and fortepiano combine modern and classical sounds. Her harmonic language spans a wide spectrum of styles: when I heard these pieces for the first time, Bach, Ligeti, Persichetti, and Brahms came to mind. The piece I enjoyed most was the charming Suite for Children for violin and harpsichord. It is unreservedly melodic and shows a side of the composer that is both poignant and lighthearted.”